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    Interview With Jordan Metcalfe.

    We put your best questions from Instagram to actor Jordan Metcalfe, who played Brian in Misfits. We also don't have dairy so are completely safe...



    @secret_ident asked:

    Do you look at milk differently now after the show? 

    Yes, I probably drink more milk now. I’ve always loved it.


    @criddlecat asked:

    Did you have fun with the character? (Brian)

    Yes, because I got to kill everyone!


    @theelephantgirl asked:

    What was it like working with the other members of the cast?

    Great, I already knew a couple of them from when I was younger. I’ve Antonia (Alisha) since I was 15, so we all got on really well.


    @bella.teppista asked:      

    How much did you relate to the character you were playing?

    Well, I’m not a killer but he was the under dog and the guy that wasn’t very cool. He was the geek and you know quite unassuming he’s not bold and exciting like the other characters of Misfits, he doesn’t reveal what he is too early on, it had a nice build up. We all want to be noticed in a certain way and that was his, it just happened to be dark and sinister.


    @enjoylifessweets asked:

    if you didn’t get the part of Brian, what character would you have gone for?

    I like the character of Nathan and the fact he could live forever. He also got to be very funny.


    @donut_hawk asked:

    Which superpower would you want in real life?

    To fly, I’d loved to be able to fly. I’ve wanted to be able to since I was a kid.


    What are you currently doing?

    I’m in a play called Hypochrondiac, I play Cleante it’s a new adaptation by Richard Bean. We are currently on in Brighton at the Theatre Royal then going to The Orange Tree in Richmond.





    Get tickets to see Jordan by going to:

    Comic Con Fever

    We just wanted to say a massive thanks to everyone we met over the last couple of weekends at LFCC and at MCM Manchester. You guys really make the long days and drives worth it. If you know of any cool up coming events then let us know and we might pop up there too! 

     Here are the pics from LFCC:


     Here is the stand from MCM Manchester.



    Here are a couple of our favourite cosplayers from the weekend.