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    Geek la Chic Blog — Mcfly


    Well it's 2015 and it leaves ask asking the question, where's all the hoverboards at?

    We wanted coats that change shape to fit, shoes that tie themselves and Jaws 19 in cinemas. 

    Before you say it we know you can buy replicas but it's just not the same is it! I was hoping we are finally at the stage where if you go over a big stone or a show lace becomes loose you weren't going to face plant in front of a bunch of strangers staring at a 30 year old on a pink penny board. Just me then...

    When you're staring at your wardrobe thinking I have nothing to wear just remember we are meant to be dressing like this...I'm sure I own the cake tin Biff is wearing as a hat. 


    We do however have awesome Back to the Future tees and will be showing all our beautiful items at Showmasters Comic Con in May where they are doing a special Back to the Future edition with original cast and lots of awesome signings too.