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    Geek la Chic Blog — Films

    Tim Burton's Top Five Films by Martha Glaister

    Top 5 Tim Burton films:

    Love him or hate him Tim Burton has found and perfected his own unique style. From ghosts to aliens, skeletons to superheroes, Burton finds a way to add magic to the macabre whilst weaving a heartfelt tale into each film. He may have taken a fancy to Johnny Depp (who hasn’t) but only one of my top five for Burton beginners even features him.

    Here’s my Top Five Tim Burton films –

    Mars Attacks! – Stuffed to the brim with A-listers this excellent mash up of genres sees Martians invading Earth and things turning ugly. It’s surreal and darkly funny with many nods to B-movies past. Although it wasn’t highly acclaimed if you take it for what it is you’re in for a fun ride. Jack Nicholson as president and SJP’s head on a Chihuahua what more could you ask for.

    Batman Returns – This insane take on the world of Gotham has such dark yet fun characters it’s hard not to love. The villains steal the show from Batman and Michelle Pfeiffer’s transformation into Catwoman is one of my favourites in film. Criticised for being ‘too dark’ led to the unfortunate camping up of future films but Burton’s costumes and set designs are beautiful and gothic even if the story is a little flat.

    Edward Scissorhands – At it’s core it is simply a Beauty and the Beast love story that can never have a happy ending.  Burton’s first time working with Depp, who has hardly any dialogue, as an outcast trying to fit in, is so heartbreakingly beautiful it is a modern classic, and the real life chemistry between Winona and Depp is magical. The brilliant Vincent Price’s last film and Stan Winston on effects bring everything together in a fantasy romance that is hard to match.

    Beetlejuice – He’s the ghost with the most babe! This is Burton let loose, showing off his creativity and ideas to the extreme, resulting in one morbid comedy. A recently deceased couple try to scare the new owners of their house away with the help of a ‘bio-exorcist’, what could go wrong?! The cast and script are brilliant and insanely funny and it is a joy to watch them interact with the stop motion, animatronics and nightmarish sets. The dinner table scene is not to be missed.

    The Nightmare Before Christmas – A Tim Burton list wouldn’t be complete without this film. Although not directed by Burton he produced and co-wrote it and his mark is clearly evident. German Expressionist and Film Noir styles teamed with the painstakingly precise stop motion make it spellbinding to watch. Not dumbed down for the kids and full of unforgettable songs it’s charm and heart will ensure it will be shown for many Christmases to come.

    What are your fave Tim Burton flicks? Let me know in the comments!

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