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    Comic Con Fever

    We just wanted to say a massive thanks to everyone we met over the last couple of weekends at LFCC and at MCM Manchester. You guys really make the long days and drives worth it. If you know of any cool up coming events then let us know and we might pop up there too! 

     Here are the pics from LFCC:


     Here is the stand from MCM Manchester.



    Here are a couple of our favourite cosplayers from the weekend. 


    Do you Wanna Build a Snowman?

    We now have a selection of Frozen Leggings in store!

    Featuring all your favourite characters…..and Hans. They are all 88% polyester and 12% spandex.

    They come in one size that will fit a uk 8-12.  Fall in love with the film that is set to be a Disney classic for all of time and generations to come.

    1.These are the Frozen montage leggings and are £15 on a special offer at the moment if you pre order them!  They will be arriving in around two - three weeks so get in quickly as they have been super popular.

    2.,The second ones are Kristoff riding his trust reindeer Sven to save Anna from being a frozen popsicle for all of time.

    3. Giant Elsa the Ice Queen on an icey blue background. 

Finally a disney character that doesn't need a man to make her strong and powerful woman!


    4. Anna and Elsa on a light blue ice coloured base.  Sisters together on your legs. 

    5. Manga style Kristoff, Anna and Elsa with Sven's horns on the back of the right leg to let you know he's always there.

    Which are your favourite?

    All available in LEGGINGS.