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    Geek la Chic Blog

    24 Reasons to have a crush on Noel Fielding and be Proud

    24 Reasons to have a crush on Noel Fielding and be Proud

    I mean as if you need reasons to crush on Noel! We've come up with 24 of them, we could have done more but it will be boarding on a restraining order...

    1. He's cool as ice.

    2. And don't forget he's King of the Mods

    3. Also a goth detective...

    4. He has a better selection of capes then anyone else...


    5. I mean look at them!


     6. Not to mention his taste in Shirts..

    7. And dresses

    8. But mostly the shirts!

    9.  Not only is he super stylish he is also talented artist. Noel, can we have your artwork please?

    10. He's also not afraid to make himself look silly. I mean Harrison is basically balls, right. 

     11. What other man could pull off a mirror ball suit? 

    12.  He's the man in the moon and his best friends are Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus George and Chrissie.

    13. He's also our favourite Goth to Boss.

    14. He's a musical genius 

    15. He helped invent the crimp

    16. He also does a great Amy Winehouse impersonation.

    17. Not to mention he makes a really cute panda...

    18. He looks better in make up then we do...

    19. He'd be great fun at Halloween. No dressing up persuasion needed.

    20. He's learning tips on making awesome cakes, or he can just steal a box of them for us from the Bake off tent, we aren't fussed, He can bring Sandy over for a cuppa too. 

    21. In person he's actually quite shy and that makes us love him more.


    22.   And have you seen his sideburns? 

    23. Not to mention him in a jumpsuit...

    24.  In a nutshell, we want to either marry him, be best friends with him or just carry on worshipping from afar because we love you Noel and your mighty ways. 

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    Next Saturday we will be in Chichester at Meanwhile Comic Con.  it will be held at Chichester College 30th September from 9am - 5pm and is set to be a fabulous day full of fun for all the family.  You can get all the details on their website.

    Hope to see you there! If you do come quote Geek la Chic Rocks for 10% off our table at the show.

    London Edge

    London Edge

    This weekend we hit the big smoke to see the very latest collections from some of our favourite alternative brands and even found some new ones. We started by checking out the new range from Nic with Love including her amazing acrylic jewellery and glitter make up that comes in every colour of the rainbow and a couple of extra ones too! 

    We also got to spy the new collection from YRU. They have the best kawaii, alternative, fashion forward vegan friendly shoes we have seen in some time. If you don't believe us check the pictures below. These oil slick boots are a MUST HAVE 😍 they come with iridescent ribbon laces too. 

    If you like rainbow sneakers then these are the best we've ever seen! Baby Spice eat your heart out! ✌️YRU are one of the original and best at making high sneakers and have started to come more into the UK, which we are really excited about and can't wait to welcome them back to Geek la Chic.

    If those aren't for you they also have a range of Moon and stars boots, shoes and trainers including these iridescent boots of dreams.

    We got to meet the babes from the Mermaid Salon that had travelled all the way from Australia to show off their amazing mermaid make up brushes, glitter shadows, palettes and liquid lipsticks. If you don't know they are the original makers and the brains behind the mermaid brushes that have now been totally ripped off EVERYWHERE. The originals are the softest vegan friendly most beautifully finished items we've seen in a while and it's clear to see the copies just don't even come close. We can't wait to hopefully be working with them in the future! They also were giving away in our VIP goody bag an amazing long lasting liquid lipstick that come in array of mermaid inspired shades.

    Sourpuss came over from the States and we were loving their selection of homeware and amazing bold prints so easy great shaped dresses. Let us know which your favourites are. If you love cats, mermaids and tattoos these are for you! 

    Also if everyday is Halloween in your house then these cushions and kewpies will improve any room. 

    If candles are your thing then these are a must have. Candles with a hidden skeleton that you can keep forever. Pyro pets maybe coming soon! Let us know if you love them! 

    If Rock N Roll footwear gets you going you will scream with joy at the awesome range from Charla Tedrick.  Not only is she the nicest most creative soul she also makes shoes to make you drool! 

    It's safe to say we will be poor forever but surrounded by amazing things from across the globe! Roll on February so we can do it all again! 

    The Battle of the Disney Chip Mugs!

    The Battle of the Disney Chip Mugs!

    So we have had a few questions about the differences between the Chip Mugs that are out at the moment so thought we would do a handy comparison as we have got our hands on all three.  

    The Chip mug from the Disney is the biggest of the three but to us, doesn't look like Chip as we remember and doesn't look nearly as cute or cheeky as the other two! It is microwaveable and dishwasher safe if you want to use your new cup! His eyes are also a light blue, which they are in the movie but they aren't very defined.  The chip itself goes up onto the lip of the cup and looks pretty good there is a slight indentation and it is painted on.  The gold paint detailing is nicely finished and not likely to come off.  The top of the mug is level to make it the most practical to use as an actual mug.  The paint work is printed and very precise.

    The Primark Chip is very cute with his big bashful eyes and cute little smile, however the closer you look the more flawed it is.  The finish isn't great on the couple we have in the office and we have seen other reports online of the same issues, the gold trim around the top of the mug is a different colour to the base gold and handle plus some of the purple paint is over lapping other colours and the gold on our handle has a bit missing from what looks like a bump even though he's been kept in a cupboard and the cup itself has marks in the porcelain. The gold on some of them appears to have flecks on the face which is a shame and seems to have smudged in places.  The top is slanted to give it a more Chip like personality, which is a great touch and it is the smallest of the three.  Overall, for the money, it is what you would expect.  Very cute for a collectable piece but might not last too long if you use it everyday.  It is also not safe in the dishwasher or microwave and they recommend washing by hand.

    Our lovely Chip Mug we stock is made by the brains at Paladone who have come up with the cutest of all three (in our opinion).  They weren't even aware that Primark were releasing one so it is a case of great minds think alike. The added detailing of the bubble in the cheek gives him added cheekiness that you would expect from Chip and the added extra grey outlines instead of black really make his features pop and come to life. The orange/gold brings out the twinkle in his eye as well and is very durable so shouldn't come off over time. He is the second largest and is a great size for a mug of tea or just to keep as part of a collection.